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We’re all about music. Our mission is to support electronic artists like you in getting noticed for your unique style and scale to the next level. We’re here to help you find your place in the music world, right alongside the big names. With the most up-to-date technology and a team of experienced professionals, we’re here to support your talent and guide you on your journey to the top. 

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Social Media Marketing

We handle all aspects of Social Media Marketing, including content creation, posting, and analyzing data to maximize engagement. We also offer…


With our branding expertise, we can help you build a strong and recognizable image in the music industry, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. also offer…

Artist Guidance

Our experienced mentors in the music industry will provide personalized advice to help you achieve your goals, improve your music, and navigate challenges. 

Youtube Promotions

Our optimization services assist in addressing the challenge of reaching the right audience on YouTube. We enhance your channel and video SEO, create eye…

Spotify Growth

Our dedicated marketing team knows how vital it is to promote your music on Spotify, and how it can elevate your artist career. We’re devoted to assisting you in boostin…

SoundCloud Growth

Our team offers effective and comprehensive SoundCloud growth services to help you succeed in the competitive market. We use unique strategy for Soundcloud growth…

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Joseph, House Music / Melodic Techno

“Working with Mark.it has been such a pleasure. Professionalism and creativity at its best. The work process is very well structured and the results are super satisfactory. I highly recommend working them”. 

JOGA / House


Rona Illizarov, Melodic House 

“Mark.it and the team are very professional and does an excellent job! It’s also really cool to find a marketing person who really knows my scene and specifically what I do because that’s not always the case, so it’s a significant advantage and it’s fun to work this way, I learned a lot from them through our joint work together and that I have tools for the rest of the way, I highly recommend working with them if you are looking to scale your career in the music industry!”.



 Idan Zamir, Psytrance

“I had an amazing time & experience to work with Mark.it.,they are so talented and bring a high vibration of good energy, Always patient even if my questions can be funny or silly sometimes .
They help me to understand every aspect of the social media and how can I grow up by myself on the best way and
always being professional and make everything with a big smile and pure good vibes.
I’m super recommended to work with them if you’re really into it and ready to go for it don’t even hesitate”.



Jonathan Weizenberg, Techno, Indie 

“Mark.it has a wide expereince in the music industry especially from the business side of it, which helps artists like me to navigate their way through the online world and highlight our uniqueness. With almost daily mentorship, a lot of personal charm and talent, the team builds and accompanies me throughout my musical career and helps me to emphasize my online presence in an extraordinary and original way. I highly recommend Mark.it to any artist who’s looking to focus mostly on making music while trusting them to manage your online presence and actually see results”.



Boaz & Shahaf, Electronic Production Agency

“Working with Mark.it and the team helped us on a wide range of topics: branding, promotions, creative and business strategies, social media and content planing. Their precise and targeted campaign management provided us with high value for our money, all of which only give us a desire to continue to develop our brand together. The success in our collaboration is expressed both in ongoing results that improves over time and in a sharp and quick response to all of our needs. Highly recommended”.



Yali Sharon, Electro Sax

“Mark.it are amazing mentors. Not only they helped me to create a strong brand identity but also to position myself on social media and grow my following community. They is helping me in so many other ways, personal and business wise.  I love them and I truly recommend anyone who wants to reach the stars to work with them. Thank you so much Mark.it and the team!”.



Tal Samra, Psytrance

“Mark.it helped me achieve my goals and helped me grow my social media and music platforms, together with a strong advertising plan and good ideas for new content. I really recommend Mark.it as a mentor and team”.


Sonic Species

Joe Markendale, Psytrance

“Working with Mark.it over the course of  2 years helped me to understand the importance of creating and maintaining a consistent and professional online presence. They put special emphasis on creative strategies to my releases and to me personally to make sure I was delivering content and maximizing my potential. They was without a doubt the best media mentors I have had to date”.


Guy Mantzur & Moments

Guy Mantzur, Techno & Moments Label

“I have been working with Mark.it for more than a year. Working with them help me and my label taking things to the next level. Their creativity, work flow and their professional perspective on things really helped me and my label to grow in ways that is unique to us represents our vibes and values. I believe that collaboration of music and media can successfully happen only when both sides working from the heart – and with them it feels like that 100%”.


Zak Lupu

Zak Lupu, House, Melodic Techno

“Working with Mark.it and the entire team has been a game changer. They were very good at listening to who I am as a person and understanding how that comes out through my music. They created a clear and consistent vision to best communicate my essence with the outside world. Each week they push me to put my best foot forward and keep working on my weaknesses. I am blessed to have found a team of people who deeply care for my music and my goals. If you are reading this keep following your nose down this cookie trail it won’t steer you wrong!”


Ido Morali

Ido Morali, Electronica, Indie Dance

“Since the beginning of work with Mark.it team, I have seen significant progress in my social media at a fast pace. The entire team’s communication, availability, and care feel like real teamwork that works”.

Ido Morali
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Tal Hazut, Hard Techno

“Mark.it and the team, first and foremost, fantastic people who is fun to work with. Everything happens at eye level, which I think about when working with someone. they knows what they’re doing and is well-versed in marketing, especially in the music world. I learned a lot from them, which opened up new horizons I didn’t know and impacted the way I think and see my career and the industry.Thank you!”


Don Son

Robert Stein, Progressive House

“Mark.it is on point with everything. Working with them is a steady flowing unit. Soulful, empathic and pragmatic, and professionally, it feels like the perfect co worker for me. Their skills and experience lead us to a significant optimized structure and increasing growth. I loved their ideas and suggestions and opinions from another angle. Useful open communication. I love them..”



Christian Barbuto, Techno

‘Since I started working with Mark.It my overall look and branding has become consistent, tight and exciting. Also my social media numbers and engagement got past a hump that wasn’t moving. Highly recommend!”

Guitar artist

Ed Lev

Eden Levi, EDM

“Mark.it, you did a great job and you helped me understand who I am as an artist and you even helped me remember the meaningful impact of what music can make in this world, thank you so much!

Now I know who I am as an artist and the legacy I want to leave in this world, and it is also so important for music making. It made my studio sessions go really easy, because I know what I want to say with my music, and I know what makes me stand out from other artists”.



Ofir J Rock, World Beats

“Mark.it helped our band to promote content on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The availability of their service provided to us was beyond our expectation, the communication between us was continuous and clear, and it was obvious that they love what they are doing and devoted to their work. Their brilliant analysis and segmentations helped us to be precise, dynamic campaigns that changed in the process according to her understanding and experience.The results were amazing, the power of publicity through it pushed us and helped us a lot, we promoted clips, songs, and performances. We felt that another band member had been added – another staff member who framed for us the entire professional technical corner related to the field of digital marketing. I highly recommend! The interpersonal communication and management capabilities are outstanding”.



Ofri, Techno

I Had the pleasure to encounter Mark.it, while I was starting to look beyond my music and my productions.
Working with Mark.It and the team particularly, opened my mind regarding aspects that I didn’t attribute with high impotency like Social networking, marketing and my image as an artist.
Our mutual work bears fruits, and I was starting to see results in all kinds of fields,
while getting hints and direction regarding my positioning in the market.
I recommend everyone to work with Mark.it. They are very professional, charming and wise, and gives the best advises regarding the marketing in the music world”.

Guitar artist


Jonathan Scriber, Tribal Trance

“I worked with Mark.it on a number of projects in the past couple of years. They helped me in a very professional way to produce interesting and creative content for the social network. They have given me mental tools that help me to this day to conduct myself in cyberspace and connect with my audience. Highly recommend Mark.it, a smart, professional, and devoted team!”.


Rising Dust

John Aharon, Psytrance

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Mark.it. Alongside a very professional and aesthetic work, there was a true care for us and our project. They really thinks outside of the box when it comes to creative strategies while keeping it authentic to our characters and artistic line. We highly recommend Mark.it as a mentors and as strategic and creative consultant for whoever wants to improve their online presents”.


Freedom Fighters

Shahaf Efrat, Psytrance 

“I work with Mark.it for over 6 years together. I really felt like they have taught me so much about advertising and promotion. They literally transformed my whole media. My Facebook stats skyrocketed, as well as my Youtube. I strongly recommend working with them; They as professional as you can ask for while remaining a warm-hearted individuals with an amazing energy. Most importantly, they are always one step ahead of the curve”.

Purple tape

Purple Tape

Andrea, Organic House, Melodic House

“Mark.it team helped me a lot to develop my artistic personality and to understand music marketing in my field during our collaboration . The team is always top professional and I’m really excited to work with them as they  always got brilliant ideas for my projects . I truly recommend to work with them”.



Ofek Geller, EDM, Electronic-Pop

“As a young DJ & Producer who wants to grow up in social media and music platforms, I searched for a person who can help me reach my goals and develop my brand to a higher level.
I was so lucky to encounter Mark.it at the beginning of my way and I’m so grateful for that! I learned a lot from the team, about using and working with different platforms, how to grow up my audience, how to think cleverly when I’m posting and presenting my brand, and much more useful information that opened my mind to a new world. They are true mentors for me and their experience is priceless. The ream is super professional, taking care of the little details, they really cares, thinking out of the box. Personally, with my brand they made me do an amazing live set, a commercial to Adidas, and many more great ideas that helped me make original and unique content. I highly recommend every young talent that wants to develop his brand to work with Mark.it”.

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