Interview with Muchak, September 14th, 2023.

In the realm of electronic music, Muchak has ascended to prominence as a self-made producer. With a musical journey spanning over 15 years, Muchak’s relentless dedication to perfecting his sound has borne fruit. His 2018 debut, ‘Le Dessin,’ on Iono Music, marked the culmination of years of self-study and experimentation, leading to collaborations with labels like Assymetric Recordings. Notably, his 2020 album ‘Retrospect’ showcased his prowess, drawing inspiration from Israel’s vibrant music scene. Muchak’s tracks have found their way into hypnotic DJ sets worldwide, solidifying his status as one of Israel’s emerging talents to watch, as he gears up for his next album and a groundbreaking live showcase.

Tell us about all the exciting things you have just finished or are currently working on. What’s the latest news, or what can we expect to see from you very soon?

My New EP ‘ KOLLECREATOR ‘ just came out. This Ep for me is the beginning of a new chapter in my career, because I’ve been waiting a long time to close this Ep, and feel so confident with the results, like any release I had before. When I asked myself why, the answer stood in front of me – This was the moment where I made exactly the kind of music I wanted (No genre) and the exact sound design I dreamed of, no compromises at all. It doesn’t mean I compromised til now, not at all, it’s just that sometimes you find yourself not sure if you could do it better or not. In this case, I am absolutely sure. So, for me, this is the best release I’ve ever had, and with this release, it will be 61 songs out.


How did you discover electronic music?

I was 11 when I discovered sound – when my big brother wanted to design a speaker system in his room, then I realized there is really cool physics in this world.
When I was 13 I started to work with a DJ( back then it was a concert sound system company also, with sound and lights equipment- so I found the combination between this sound world and the music world which I always loved.
One year later I met Israel Elfassi so, he is a friend of mine from the old times, he made remixes for a radio station when we were 14, I fell in love with software ( acid Sony) and the idea of producing a song! A remix! Afterward I was teaching myself chords and music to be able to combine new melodies in the remixes. And then I became a keyboard player in a rock band, and after two years of playing any instrument, I found I became a bass guitarist in a band I opened with my friends. Original songs which my friend and I were the producers also.

Since then I’ve been producing, and the rest is history, it’s a long story 🙂
today I’m a Musician, a sound engineer, and a teacher /Mentor and I am happy with my life

Can you tell us which other dj’s, or music artists are your inspiration? Who were some of your biggest artist influences in the scene coming up and who are some in today’s scene that are inspiring you?

My artist’s inspiration list goes like this: Daft Punk, The Weekend, Dua Lipa, Evan Marine, Hallucinogen aka Simon Posford which taught me to get outside the box – and a movie director – Christopher Nolan who is the best director in the world, and basically we are all directors, he’s just doing it with more senses. As a young producer, I found Astrix one of the best producers I heard, From an innovation perspective Freedom Fighters’ production taught me a lot. Specifically, after we met in real. And Captain Hook with Sound design from outer space. I can say that my biggest influence was Daft Punk, the perfect combination of Music and Sound design. Yanni also inspired me a lot as a kid, but Daft Punk did it in every piece of music they released. Today I love The Weekend producers almost like Daft Punk. If I need to pick one artist from my scene I would pick David August,

I can see we have the same goal- we both know exactly how to produce many kinds of music, and to design their sound well, but the pure meeting spot between music and sound when it’s almost like nature-made, is the kind of music we wish for, every track will be a movie, a story, in every aspect, Sound and music.

Share a fun fact about yourself that not many people know about.

Many people say I look like a serious person, I am :), it’s the only way I can stay focused and bring the message I have to the world

As everyone knows I’m performing a live show more than DJing and that’s because I want to keep challenged on my way as an artist and to keep creating and innovating to inspire others and myself.
And also, for me, many touring and club every night it’s not the way of living I want for myself.
I’m a lab guy 😉

What is on the horizon for the coming year? What are you most excited about?

So I can reveal here that I am working currently on a live show with 8 more instruments players/vocalists for a big show – Muchak ‘ Middle East Inspirations ‘
Many Arab music meets electronic and many surprises to come.
Besides that I’ll play my hybrid set in two parties til this show, more details soon in my IG.

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