Why Does Your Artist’s Social Media Matters?

Your artist’s social media can be either your very own private profile or your alter ego that you use for your artistic endeavors. Whichever it is, it’s essential that it’s updated frequently and portrays you in a way that shows who you are and what you enjoy doing. It is your story and should have the very information people look for when they discover you.


A typical account on Instagram, for example, is a collection of pictures and videos that show what the person has been up to, where they’ve been and how they have decided to portray it. It’s a place most of us go to when we want to find out what kind of a person someone is in their personal lives and how they choose to show it publicly. It gives us the information that we came looking for in the first place. Before the internet took over the world, music fans used to go to the record store to buy an album not only for the music but for all the information about the band and its members and the information they’d chosen to display on the record – it was the whole experience of discovering that made it special. Nowadays, we randomly stumble upon artists on various streaming platforms and hear the music without any information, only a few pictures and a few words of information available in the description. When the music touches us, we want to learn more and find more information on the artist – and where do we go to do that? That’s right, social media.

Make your social media authentic and attractive.

People on the internet can smell BS when they see it. You might relate to this when you see corporate accounts trying to make their memes or ride on something that is trending. They’re essentially copying something that has gone viral instead of creating their messaging line. Avoid that. Your social media should be devoted to you and the things that you do, showing your authenticity of you.

Your Brand

Your brand is the “guideline” which defines the style that you operate within. This includes the colors, fonts, overall style, and how you portray yourself literally (writing). Having disorganized branding makes you seem unprofessional and disorganized. When your branding is on the spot, people see a particular style, a pattern that communicates what you’re about. The better you have nailed your brand (the better your visual representation matches your music), the better your social media will be liked. In hindsight, try to follow a particular style that’s organized and clear and authentically portrays you. Make it professional but keep it personal too!

If you need help with branding, reach out to us, and we can guide you in the right direction.


As you’re a musician, the content should mostly be revolved around music. Good content includes memorable and unique events, parties, and festivals you’ve played in, a range of you in the studio, upcoming releases, etc.

But to keep the fans interested in you it’s good to show other sides of you as well. These can be hobbies, interests, and other major life events that affect you. Show who and what you love. This will make it easy for them to relate to you and make them like you more.


The key to everything is updating your social media consistently. Your artist’s social media matters; if it’s updated infrequently, your followers have difficulty knowing what you’re up to and where to find you. Keep it updated, and you’re good!

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