Underground Dance Producer Ido Morali presents: “Get Lock”

Ido Morali makes music for the introspective clubgoer, the one who seeks tracks with depth and a soul to reach a deeper level of understanding when dancing.

After over a decade of experience performing in the most iconic clubs in the world, including Circo Loco, Lunar and Disco Halal, Tel Aviv-based DJ Ido Morali is now ready to present his talent as a dance producer, with a debut EP packed with enthralling melodic house atmospheres.

Exploring the realms of techno, dance and electro, Ido Morali brings to life multifaceted sonic tapestries that will no doubt ignite nightclubs this year. From the catchy and energetic mood of the title track to the more subtle and delicate atmosphere of Lamp, “Get Lock” is an inspiring work that leaves you wanting more.

“Get Lock” is out now on the Colombian label Kulto.

Listen to “Get Lock” here

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