‘Lost In Space’ By Rona — Captivating Exploration of Adventure and Spirituality

Rona’s track ‘Lost in Space’, released under her MANTRA imprint, takes listeners on a cosmic journey through different civilizations, star systems, and states of consciousness. The song resonates with RONA’s starseed nature as she encounters pleiadians and aliens with similar phenotypes, transmitting peaceful messages for the greater good of Earth.

RONA is an electronic music producer, vocalist, and owner of the record label “MANTRA” based in Haifa, Israel. Influenced by iconic producers like Above & Beyond and Armin Van Buuren, she combines her soulful vocal tone with melodic productions, creating a unique and spiritually-inspired sound that aims to connect listeners to themselves through the power of music.


In the original mix, progressive rhythms and flickering percussion intertwine with warm, rippling basslines, punchy beats, and thought-provoking vocals. The sonic collage created by RONA builds gradually, immersing the listener in an astral-flavored experience that evokes hope, freedom, and possibility.

The ‘Club’ Mix of the track caters specifically to the dance floor, extending the running time and adding hypnotic synth-scapes and a more indirect yet equally impactful vocal delivery.


Finally, the release includes a remix by Dj Imboh, a talented artist from the UK making his label debut on MANTRA. Known for his groovy and musical sound, djimboh delivers an emotive interpretation of “Lost in Space.” His remix incorporates his distinctive quirks while intelligently using the vocals. Reshaped basslines, impassioned chord changes, and colorful atmospheres create a captivating backdrop for RONA’s reprocessed vocals. A dub version is also included for those who prefer a more instrumental approach, providing depth and variety to round out the release.

Listen now: https://li.sten.to/emt6rw4g


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