Interview with Guy Mantzur, June 5th, 2023.

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, few artists possess the ability to mesmerize audiences and transcend genre boundaries quite like Guy Mantzur. With a lifetime of tools and skills at his disposal, this Tel Aviv-based maestro has garnered worldwide recognition and success in recent years as a producer and DJ and as a label owner of one of the leading labels in this genre, ‘Moments’. From his spellbinding studio productions to his captivating performances as a resident Top DJ in Tel Aviv and iconic clubs and festivals worldwide, a unique blend of house, progressive house, techno, and tech-house has captured the hearts of music lovers around the globe.


Tell us about all the exciting things you have just finished or are currently working on. What’s the latest news, or what can we expect to see from you very soon?

Hey, I’m happy to be here. So as for exciting news that I just had and things that I do So, I’m working now on some remixes and EPs for my label ‘Moments; and also for ‘Lost and Found’, working on a bunch of new music, and also working on the following Moments showcases. We had now a big showcase in South America, in Cordoba, which was amazing. And we’re also working on several showcases in New York, Albania, Amsterdam, and Tel Aviv. And in general, all the time trying to develop and do new things, sign up new artists and search for new producers and music to sign and share with the world.. I just returned from two big tours in South America, one in Argentina and Chile and the second in Brazil, and now I’m heading to Europe for some more summer shows.


How did your music career begin?
My music career began as a kid, playing piano, guitar and then writing songs. It started as a singer-songwriter, then progressed and moved into the more electronic vibe, but still always remained the live vibes, the live instruments inside the productions. It was never pure electronic. So the basics that I had, like starting with piano, guitar, and songs, helped me remain loyal to my roots. So this is where it all began. It started like this, developed into more electronic, and started DJing.

You travel a lot for your gigs. Which cities/regions do you especially LOVE to visit?

In general, I travel a lot to my shows and travel to many different places. I love to travel almost everywhere because everywhere has special things to offer, you know? It’s not only the clubs and the crowd and the scene. The things they like to do, the culture, and of course the party scene, which is different from place to place. But there are some places I’m more connected to, and my fan base is stronger in Europe specifically. So it’s really fun to play music there because the enthusiasm is really big over there. But in general, every place has its own special thing. It can be like a 200 300 people party or a 5,000 people party.

Every party has its magic, you know? That’s, in general, my motto. And this keeps me still excited about each show I do. It doesn’t matter if it’s 200, 300, or a few thousand, and that’s what keeps me excited.


What are Moments events all about, and what do they stand for?

The moments showcase, and the label and everything related to it is something that started from a personal place, that deep feeling that I had inside, like a need to do something that would be suitable for me, for my friends, for people that I hang out with, to do like a playground for music lovers in the way that me and my friends and the music lovers that I know during the years would like to come and party together over there. It’s like building a community of music lovers, that everybody there is there for the love of music, and feel at home, and feel like they can come even to the party by themselves, just because they know that they will come there, they will see other friends that they know, during the years and through the music. This is like a home for music lovers, a community, and that’s why we keep on.

We’re doing the parties in special locations, with special promoters that we know. Not about doing many, many parties, it’s about doing the parties in the places that we feel at home as well. And we know that people can feel at home there as well. That’s the whole idea of REACH. And, of course, it’s a backup with the music, with the amazing indigenous releasing music in the label and with the producers we’re working with, the production companies, the venues. The venues all come together to a thing that if you come to a Moment’s party, that’s what you’re trying to do. If you come into a Moment’s party, you feel at home and like you’re in a Moment’s party. It doesn’t matter if it’s happening in Barcelona, in Amsterdam, or in Tel Aviv. The vibe is more or less the same.That’s the idea.



 Share a fun fact about yourself that not many people know about.

Not many people know it and think this is who I am and how I am, but I can be excited, you know, super anxious before every show. It’s like, of course, during the years, I learn how to behave and how to deal with. It can sometimes be for me, it can be like super frustrating and too much, but like take it like, okay, you know, it’s a show and of course there is excitement, but sometimes it can be like a few levels up than what it should be. But I’m dealing with it in my way, like thinking about it, being calm, and preparing the set as much as possible to be more relaxed. It also helps me relax to design the set. When you come and prepare, and you know what you’re going to do, and you know the music, it helps you to be more focused and lowers the stress levels. But it’s also a beautiful thing, you know, it’s like still get excited from each and every show.


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