Interview with Genetrick, 9 December 2022 | By Joanna Marlow

We sat down with Micky G., also known as psychedelic trance music DJ and producer Genetrick, to talk about what he’s all about, and what he’s up to.

Releasing his first music productions under this name in 2012, he released numerous other psytrance tracks on elite labels for the genre such as Iboga Records, Hummega Recs, Tesseract Studio, and many more. 

His pumping, progressive sets have been heard at stages in Egypt, Brazil, Portugal, France, Greece, Switzerland, and beyond.


Tell us about all the exciting things you are working on?

After working on my debut album for 2 years, which contains 8 solo tracks, I’m going to focus on collaborations and remixes this year. There is an amazing remix of one of my older tracks coming out soon, made by two brilliant artists that I adore.

Furthermore, I’m working on a dancefloor banger remix for a low BPM track that was originally written by another 2 amazing artists I grew up with. 

Then there’s also another collaboration with a couple of friends. I really love their work and we started working on it during my last gig visit. 

In the future, I’m also planning on making a compilation with lots of artists that I love from Iboga records, and more plans for the far future with different kinds of projects in mind.


What is the longest set you have ever played and what was it like?

The longest set I’ve ever played was at the ‘Seeds of Freedom’ festival in Portugal.

It was the closing set of the festival and I played for 3 hours, but when I was about to finish, the organizers asked me to continue in the small stage as an afterparty, so I gladly agreed and continued the set for another 2 hours. 

That was an amazing experience and a great festival!

There is nothing like a long mix that lets you connect to the crowd on a different level, and although it sounds hard it was pure fun to play 5 hours straight,  it went so fast! 


Share a fun fact about yourself that not many people know about?

There are not many people that know this, but I used to live on a container ship for a full year, traveling around the eastern hemisphere by sea. I was working as a Security Officer on container ships, making sure the ships I was on wouldn’t get hijacked by actual pirates, doing counter-piracy escorts. 

These were crazy times but I had a lot of fun visiting many countries around the world, being an adventurer as I was working one of the most dangerous jobs that exist.


What was the first record you ever bought?

I think the first record I ever bought was Metallica’s ‘The Black Album’. At the time, I was into heavy metal and old rock bands. I had plenty of albums my dad used to own. Also some from my sister, such as ‘The dark side of the moon’ by Pink Floyd or Queen’s albums, Deep 

Purple and Tool and many more. After evolving through these musical legends I remember buying Limp Bizkit’s ‘Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water’ and also System of a Down’s ‘Toxicity’ and ‘Steal this Album’ which sparked a new heavy metal era for me.  


Find Genetrick on:

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