Interview with DJ Amine K, January 24th 2023

Meet El Loko, also known as DJ and producer Amine K , with his percussion-driven Tribal House sets that are always bustling with high energy. And for a great reason; his mission to put a smile on people’s faces. Playing a huge role in developing the electronic music scene in his home country Morocco, Amine K’s expertly curated sets and original productions have made him an international force to be reckoned with. Dropping countless releases on renowned record labels such as Get Physical Music, Monaberry, and Stereo Productions in the past years, we are more than excited to hear all about what’s coming next in our interview with DJ Amine K.

Tell us about all the exciting things you have just finished or are currently working on. What’s the latest news or what can we expect to see from you very soon?

I just finished 2 remixes that I’m so proud of. Actually, I’ve always been better at remixes than originals to be honest, as my biggest quality is to recognize and take the best from other people, not from myself 🙂

I have one original track coming up in march on Redolent, and for the two other remixes, I can’t say much now as my hands are tied but it’s gonna be huge! I’m also still working on many other productions to be released this year, but just need to find time to sit down in the studio more.


Recently, I have also revived one of my other side projects together with Safae el Hakym of Maev Events; La Karavane! It’s basically a unique travel experience with RV’s through Morocco for electronic music lovers, and the concept was developed during the pandemic when the borders were closed, so Moroccans couldn’t travel abroad.

We wanted to show them how beautiful their country really is, all while enjoying amazing food, cultural activities, and soul touching music of course. We did 5 editions during covid, all following different routes through Morocco. However, since covid measures started loosening up, Safae and I found ourselves too busy with gigs and events again to keep this project going.

Finally, we made the time in between all the madness to organise a new edition of La Karavane last January, and it was very exciting as we could now welcome guests from all over the world to join and discover Morocco. For the next one, we hope to lock-in the first week of May!


You have been in the industry for a while now, in the past years, which developments have you noticed in the Moroccan/North-African electronic music scene?

The scene has completely exploded! There are now parties with the biggest DJs every weekend in Morocco. The music scene is booming, you now have so many talented DJs and producers, some who are playing all around the world and their tracks played by everybody.

It really cheers me up, especially knowing all the sacrifices we made back in the days to get here and give chances to the youth that we didn’t have ourselves. On the other hand however, sometimes I feel it’s too much. There are too many parties created by unprofessional people, too many kids doing this for money, fame and ego. Not for putting a smile on people’s faces or for the music. But I guess we can’t have it all, I’m still super proud of what’s happening.


How did you discover electronic music?

I grew up listening to old French music and a lot of Blues and Jazz, which later developed into a broad taste in soul and Hip Hop music. Not many people know that I actually started out as a Hip Hop DJ first, but when I went to a club with electronic music for the first time I was immediately hooked!

It’s now been over 20 years that I have been listening to and playing electronic music, and some of my favourites in the scene are definitely Danny Tenaglia, Nick Warren, Deep Dish, Hernan Cattaneo, Satoshi Tomiie and Eric Morillo. Besides progressive and tribal styles, I still listen to a lot of old-school house music too.


When people want to party HARD, they usually go to places that are famous for partying like Berlin or Ibiza. But in your opinion, which other great party city flies under the radar?

I would definitely say Burning Man! I have been 8 times already and can tell you; you will hear the most mind blowing sets out on the playa at Black Rock City.

Furthermore, I would add Beirut, Bangkok, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Riyadh (yes really), Panama City, Saint Martin, Moscou, Careyes, Sao Paulo… There really are so many amazing places with an interesting music and nightlife scene around the world.


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