‘Notorious Hugs’ by SimbaSōl – Free Download

Simbasol’s track “Notorious Hugs” is a testament to his dedication and skill. Completed in under two weeks, this track has been steadily gaining popularity and finding resonance among underground music fans. We take pride in witnessing the increasing appreciation for this remarkable experiment.

SimbaSōl, an electronic music producer hailing from Montreal, draws inspiration from melodic house & techno to craft soulful musical journeys with hard-hitting baselines, groovy percussion, and four-dimensional synths.

The decision to incorporate Biggie’s voice into “Notorious Hugs” raises a fascinating question: How would the late rap legend have reacted to this unconventional usage of his vocals? Zak playfully contemplates whether he would have received an “ass whooping” or “massive props” from Biggie himself. While we can only speculate, it’s undoubtedly a bold move that pays homage to the timeless influence of one of hip-hop’s most legendary figures.

A magnetic combination of Biggie’s iconic, booming voice layered over a seductively powerful baseline, creating an irresistible auditory experience that pushes the boundaries of musical expression.

Listen here: https://on.soundcloud.com/J1PxL
Download this house gem for free now: https://hypeddit.com/simbasol/notorioushugs

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