“Meant to Be” By Lingam: Immersive Techno to Depict the Journey of Life



For an artist, the only way to express the struggles of life and overcome obstacles is through sounds, and electronic music producer Lingam can convey emotions so diverse that each of his songs becomes a mystical journey across vibrant moods and atmospheres.

The Tel Aviv artist lost 20% of his hearing at the age of three. However, instead of compromising his musical talent, this event enhanced his ability to develop powerful sound patterns based on slowly-evolving synth elements grounded on solid rhythmic sections.

Meant to Be, Lingam’s latest release is the epitome of the sonic and philosophical elements that make his sound so distinctive. A track about resilience and love for creative freedom, which draws inspiration from the traditional vibe of melodic techno while introducing intricate drum patterns and evolving synth layers.

The 7-minute track feels simultaneously timeless and futuristic, with a constant yet subtle evolution that keeps listeners engaged while describing the set of emotions that brought this magnificent song to life.

What we experience is an immersive tune, carefully designed to resonate with the reflective mind but also energize the dancefloor: an impressive accomplishment from an artist whose endless creativity will certainly entertain us for years to come.

Meant to Be is out now and available on all streaming platforms. Check it out now!

Stream “Meant To Be” Here



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