׳Mabrook׳ by AfterU: an ecstatic blend of electronic dance and oriental vibes

AfterU never disappoints: his ability to craft captivating melodic techno atmospheres using sounds from all cultures is unique in the electronic dance realm.

Classically trained, AfterU brings to life unforgettable hybrid violin sets that ignite dance floors worldwide; however, his music production skills move way beyond classical soundscapes, reaching out to the atmospheres of central Asia and the instruments that make the local traditional music so mesmerizing.

It’s precisely this restless quest for sonic exploration that led to Mabrook, AfterU’s latest release, out now on Abracadabra. The iconic producer laid the foundation for this track back in 2015, slowly building electronic textures throughout the years.

The result is a meticulously-designed house track, enhanced by the unpredictable rhythmic pattern provided by the doyra, a traditional hand drum from Uzbekistan. While the rhythmic session galvanizes the listener, the minimal synth patterns slowly evolve in the background, creating an engaging, mystical atmosphere that’ll leave clubgoers wanting more.

The track’s build-up is subtle yet energizing, proving once again the skills of this extraordinary producer who never stops experimenting with his art. By putting together the traditional elements of dance, classical, and folk music, AfterU is moving his sound to uncharted territory, taking the listener with him on a spiritual journey through unexplored music styles.

Mabrook by AfterU is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

Stream or buy “MABROOK” Here


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