Creative Habits: How To Make Music Every Day And Hone Your Craft.


Mastering a musical instrument or a DAW is challenging. It requires constant practice and relentless dedication. Some people are naturally gifted, but more often than not, the most skilled artists are the ones who find a way to make music a daily habit, which is the only way they can expand their sonic palette and make the most of their talent.

Here are my bits of advice to everyone who wants to become a musician and to those who already make music but want to reach the next level in their career.






The Secret Place is where a musician practices and composes music. This should be a space in your house that’s dedicated exclusively to music and nothing else. It could be a storage room, or part of your bedroom, as long as it’s devoid of distractions and conveys an inspiring atmosphere.

The Secret Place is also a special state of your mind. You might feel more inspired after doing physical exercises early in the morning or in the evening when the day is over. Listen to your inner self and find the perfect moment of the day when the music flows naturally.




You need to be ready to hit that “record” button when inspiration strikes. If your recording equipment is under your bed or crumpled somewhere in the garage, by the time you set it up, you’ll probably want to throw it out of the window.

If you’re a musician, a simple recorder will be enough. For years, I’ve used a Zoom Q2n-4kto record melodies on the guitar or piano, and I love it because I don’t even need to turn on my laptop. If you’re a producer, use one of the dozen DAW apps to produce beats on the go. Options are endless, so find the one that makes sketching out ideas as stress-free as possible.




Use the power of social media to keep you motivated. Share your music on Soundcloud, YouTube, TikTok, or anywhere else, and use this habit to encourage you to keep up. If you don’t feel ready to share your music with the world, just tell your closest friends. Giving up on your progress will be harder if others are involved in your journey.




Give yourself small rewards whenever you reach a goal. For instance, buy yourself a new plugin or musical instrument after you have reached 30 days of daily practice. This trick will motivate you to continue your path and remind you there’s a reward for all the effort you’re putting into it.




Good things in life take time. When it comes to music, for months, it might feel like there’s no progress despite all the struggles. Yet the practice is a form of healing in itself, a moment of focus and relaxation we can use to improve our lives.

You might not notice it, but music practice will change how you experience everything. When music becomes part of your daily life, you’ll start to feel more and more the need to express yourself through sounds and celebrate the progress with your audience and the ones you love.

How about you give it a try?

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