Rock-Infused Techno: Journey into ‘Goldylux’ with Lior Leader

Hailing from the pulsating heart of Israel’s electronic music scene, Lior Leader, the visionary Techno artist known for her electrifying blend of rock and groove, invites you to dive headfirst into her sonic world with “Goldylux.” Incorporating the rebellious spirit of rock into the relentless beats of Techno, Lior Leader’s music is a journey into

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SimbaSōl Drops a Soulful Musical Adventure with His 2 Track EP ‘Get Up’ / ‘Dis Dat Sol’

Montreal-based electronic music producer and performer SimbaSōl is back with a bang, delivering a mesmerizing two-sided EP that’s set to rock the house music scene. This release, featuring the tracks “Get Up” and “Dis Dat Sol,” showcases SimbaSōl’s unmistakable talent for crafting melodic house and techno tunes that are nothing short of soulful musical adventures.Influenced

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‘Feel Love’ by FreedomB: A Melodic Ode to Love and Freedom

FreedomB’s track “Feel Love” was born in challenging COVID times, when the world seemed to be in a perpetual state of isolation and longing for human connection became a universal sentiment. So FreedomB embarked on a quest to capture the essence of love and share it through his music. The result is his latest mesmerizing

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