GIROS: A Musical Journey of Rotational and Translational Motion By BOHEM & Lupe Republic

GIROS, the embodiment of life’s continuous motion, is a captivating musical project that transcends boundaries and connects listeners with a diverse range of experiences. Like the ceaseless rotation and translation of planets, GIROS encounters extraordinary individuals and artists, propelling itself forward and backward to harness the energy of every moment. With their debut release, Lupe and BOHEM unveil “DESPERTAR,” a mesmerizing composition that embodies their collective experiences and artistic evolution.

Hailing from Argentina and currently residing in Spain, Lupe and BOHEM are two exceptional artists whose collaboration transcends geographical borders. Their musical journeys have been shaped by their roots and enriched by their experiences living in Spain in recent years. This unique blend of cultural influences has become an integral part of their creative expression, infusing their music with a captivating fusion of sounds and rhythms.



Lupe, with his vibrant Latin heritage, and BOHEM, driven by his insatiable curiosity for cultural diversity, have individually crafted their own artistic paths. Lupe’s eclectic style reflects his profound love for global rhythms, while BOHEM’s sonic landscapes are a testament to his journey of self-discovery and his commitment to pushing musical boundaries. Together, they create a powerful synergy that sparks musical innovation and invites audiences into a realm of immersive experiences.

Their initial collaboration, “Kaballah,” released under the esteemed label 3REAVENUE, showcased their ability to captivate audiences on a global scale. The track received widespread acclaim, and Lucho (AR) contributed a remarkable remix, further solidifying their reputation as trailblazing artists.


Building on their success, Lupe and BOHEM join forces once again with their latest release, “DESPERTAR.” This transformative composition symbolizes the collective consciousness that shapes our past, present, and future. With its powerful rhythms, elegant grooves, and danceable melodies, “DESPERTAR” transcends temporal boundaries, providing a sonic experience suitable for any time of day or night.

GIROS invites listeners to embark on a musical voyage that embraces the ever-changing nature of life. Lupe and BOHEM’s harmonious melodies and rhythmic enchantment will sweep audiences away, inviting them to experience life in motion and discover the boundless possibilities that lie within.

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