“Time To Be Free” by Amine K: Manifesto For Freedom of Body and Soul That Only the Finest Electronic Music Can Convey

Spanish record label and sonic enterprise Redolent Music has become a household name in the realm of cutting-edge electronic music, especially thanks to their Redolent Scents compilations, with each volume featuring a collection of carefully-crafted tracks by ground-breaking artists across the globe.

The 30th volume of this astounding series was curated by La Santa, showcasing her elegance and exquisite taste in electronic music through a diverse blend of multicultural and immersive sounds.

RDT030 is a celebration of organic rhythms, mesmerizing soundscapes, and galvanizing beats. Each track represents how music can blend and transcend different cultures, exploring the musical essence that unites us all.

In this context, Amine K’s Time To be Free is a manifesto for freedom of body and soul that only the finest electronic music can convey. The deep electronic texture that defines the track is enhanced by the captivating Afro-infused rhythms, a trademark of the legendary Moroccan producer.

The power and sense of depth evoked by Time To be Free takes us on an aural journey through uncharted soundscapes, and the hypnotic vocals remind us of the relentless passion that resides within each of us.

Divided into two volumes, RDT030 is coming out on 10th March and will be available on all music platforms. Get ready for a sonic exploration through space and time thanks to an extraordinary collection of incredible music.

Stream or buy “Time To Be Free” Here



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