Interview with Ido Morali, January 7th 2023

We sat down with Indie Dance & Electronica music DJ and producer Ido Morali, to talk about what he’s all about, and what he’s up to. Now one of Tel Aviv’s most esteemed DJs, Ido started his career 10 years ago as the resident of underground club The Bootleg, before moving on to Beit Maariv and the international dance floors of “Circo Loco”, “Lunar”, “Disco Halal”, “Space Miami” and beyond. His original productions display a broad musical style ranging from House to Acid and Groove, with releases on respected labels such as the Italian label “Nothing is Real” and the Mexican label “Duro”.

Tell us about all the exciting things you are working on?

For me the most exciting thing is that I’ve started to release music around the world and did so on labels that I follow and love. It’s important that I feel that the music I bring to the dance floor matches the productions and the labels.

I feel very inspired by all the Israeli artists (without specific names) who broke boundaries and brought Israeli music to the forefront. Right now I’m working on an EP on one of the very big labels that is very worth following, and on the horizon for the coming year I aspire to release even more music.



How did your career as a DJ start?

My career started taking off in 2013. As a young boy and fan of electronic music, I was a regular at The Bootleg Club and dreamt of moving from the dance floor to the DJ booth. The road was not easy and there were many obstacles, but I believed in myself, knew what I wanted and persevered.

As time passed, I rose to another level playing on bigger stages while at the same time producing parties in the cities Ashdod and Vogam. I became a resident at The Bootleg Club and from there also resident of The Beit Maariv Club sharing lineups with some of the biggest DJs in the world.


You travel quite a bit for your gigs. Are there any destinations that stand out to you for their music scene, or for any other reason?

The truth is that one of the cities I connected with the most is Florence in Italy, which has a combination of art, food and people who are warm and welcoming.

People who travel to party might think directly of Ibiza and Berlin, but I feel they should know that Tel Aviv is a very lively city in terms of entertainment too. The biggest artists and producers in the world are on the axis of Tel Aviv very regularly on the weekends, and almost every weekend there are several parties, events and clubs that host a strong lineup.

For example The Beer Sheva forum, which hosts world-class artists, and another important mention is Haifa with its 04 Club, which does equally sacred work. Every Friday there are parties that put the biggest clubs in the world to shame. 

In general, Israel is a place where, probably because of the political affairs and the security situation, one finds something comforting and liberating in nightlife that strengthens the parties, raising the level of the events and artists in particular.


What in your opinion is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life is to enjoy and make a living from what you love and above all to believe in it. This can be in any field! It is very important to wake up in the morning and be satisfied with what you have done, what you are working on and always keep dreaming of how to take it to the next level.



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