Kadosh: Pioneering the Future of House Music

In just three short years, Amiram Kadosh has emerged as one of Tel Aviv’s most promising talents, capturing the attention of the global music scene. Within a mere 36 months, Kadosh swiftly transitioned from captivating clubs in Israel to captivating clubs around the world.

Kadosh’s musical journey began at the age of 12 when he first started learning to play the piano. Growing up immersed in hip hop and soul, music became an integral part of his life. However, it was House music that arrived at the perfect time, offering him a new avenue to channel his talents and embark on the next phase of his musical evolution. Fast forward to 2022, and Kadosh has solidified his reputation as a gifted producer, with releases on prestigious labels such as Innervisions, Watergate Records, and Disco Halal, among others.

His productions have caught the attention of renowned DJs worldwide, earning regular plays from the likes of Dixon, Âme, Solomun, and Tale Of Us. Moreover, Kadosh’s imprint, Frau Blau Music, has already gained recognition for its cutting-edge underground EPs and highly anticipated upcoming releases. In just his mid-20s, Kadosh demonstrates an unwavering passion and unparalleled dedication to his craft, continuously pushing the boundaries of his musical abilities.

Kadosh’s latest release curates a groundbreaking compilation titled ‘The Sound of Tel Aviv’ on the mysterious 01FRBL (Frau Blau) imprint. Featuring local artists such as Lonya, Niv Ast, and Assaf Amdursky, the fourteen-track journey showcases a mesmerizing blend of genres, from indie and deep house to afro house and techno. Kadosh’s curated selection takes listeners on an underground and narrative-driven adventure, with each track adding its own unique flavor. ‘The Sound of Tel Aviv’ captures the essence of the thriving music scene in Tel Aviv, demonstrating Kadosh’s expert curation and the city’s diverse musical landscape.


As we witness Kadosh’s talent unfold before our very eyes, it is evident that Kadosh is poised to take his abilities and skills to the next level. With his unique sound, relentless work ethic, and profound love for the game, he is set to leave an indelible mark on the global house music scene. Keep an eye out for Amiram Kadosh as he continues to shape the future of electronic music with his innovative productions and captivating performances.

More of Kadosh on Spotify / Instagram

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