“INFINISDISKO / Family House” by SimbaSōl: Enhancing the Pure Bliss Of Future Disco Vibes

For some artists, blending and transcending music genres is so natural it becomes a lifestyle: a representation of how they experience every single moment and an essential aspect of their craft. 

With his music, Montreal-based producer SimbaSōl aims to represent his passion for life through galvanizing beats and joyful melodies: a celebration of the emotions that make us all unique.

SimbaSōl’s sound has gathered critical acclaim from the start, with his debut EP peaking at number #1 on the Beatport charts and drawing the attention of iconic clubs and labels in Canada and the US. His latest work, the ambitious INFINISDISKO/Family House, couldn’t find a better home than the intrepid record label Kookoo Records, a household name in spreading innovative and experimental sounds in the dance music ecosystem.

In INFINISDISKO/Family House, SimbaSōl explores the sonic realm of Future Disco, magnifying the intrinsic properties of this unique genre to convey the authentic feelings that define his style. 

While you can hear subtle suggestions to melodic house and techno, genres that SimbaSōl’s experimented with in his previous publications, INFINISDISKO/Family House is pure Future Disco, with a blend of nostalgia and immersive soundscapes that’ll no doubt ignite dance floors worldwide.

With his music, SimbaSōl aims to represent life in all its facets, depicting both the good and the bad that define everyone’s journey. It’s the nuanced feelings that truly inspire him and encourage him to create music that can describe emotions hard to portray with words.

The result is an EP that resonates with the listener on a deeper level, amplifying their hidden feelings and bringing up the joy and elation only the finest music can evoke.

The two-track EP INFINISDISKO/Family House came out on February 17th on Kookoo Records.

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