“Chill Out Tim” by Yalisaxx: Cinematic Lo-Fi at Its Finest

Dezi-Belle Records never disappoints, with a discography featuring some of the most courageous lo-fi producers in the world. It shouldn’t be surprising then that the first astounding collaboration between composers Yalisaxx and Shorik Beats found its home in the Berlin-based label’s catalogue.

The two artists recorded “Chill out Tim” in a magical Kibbutz in Israel, which served as a source of inspiration for the atmospheres the duo aimed to create. In the track, the sax and piano hover over the gentle cinematic texture and carefully-crafted beat, magnifying the vibrancy and subtle energy of the song.

The result is soulful Chill Hop that combines the skills of both craftsmen: warm and enveloping melodies and laid-back electronic textures, creating an enchanting soundscape that captivates the listener with subtle evolutions and elegant vibes.

Stream or buy “Chill out Tim” here

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