● You spend countless hours creating but feel like no one notices your work
● You feel like something holding you back from becoming the artist you were meant to be
● You know your talent is unique but you don’t know how to brand it
● You get defeated when trying to find the best ways to invest your time and efforts online
● You need to learn more marketing strategies but you feel guilty taking time away from your music
● You feel like you keep spinning around trying to get to the next step in your career


The signature brand masterclass program is a 6-week program to cultivate your uniqueness
and develop a strategy on how to amplify it out into the offline and online world. This
program is a sync between accountability, mindset, marketing, and branding to give you a
clear direction of where to focus next. You will walk away with the tools to become your own
branding expert and the confidence to take over the stage.

  • A 3 month high frequency incubator for musicians who are looking to be on the fast lane to success and reach high levels of exposure in a short amount of time.
  • Save time and money for making crucial mistakes along the way and help them find a home label or an agent who will get them booked for gigs worldwide.
  • 1 1/1 weekly 60-minute intensive strategy call meeting with Shira which will provide you with guidance through your personal and professional development as an artist
  • Dive into the core of your brand management and marketing strategies which will tighten your brand visibility and help you get maximum exposure in short amount of time
  • Budget management support and guidance
  • Tweaking your marketing promotions to help you reach your fans and make sure that the money you invest in promotions will reach your future fans.


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